Large Format

Large Format

What would advertising be without a banner, roll-up or poster? Let yourself be seen through outdoor advertising in various sizes and forms. In size we are only limited by our imagination, and you?

For years advertising banner have been enjoying great popularity, and their main advantage is big versatility and ease of transport and assembly. More than that banners can be freely adapted to the individual needs of the client.
Mesh banner is the best solution for outdoor advertising in windy areas or on large surfaces such as e.g. facades of buildings. The structure of the material allows the wind go through and there is no damage to the material or system.
The roll-up is a very functional and practical promotional and advertising carrier. Its main advantage is its lightweight aluminium construction.
Stickers printed on various types of foil play an important role in the functioning of large companies. Their main advantage is a broad spectrum of bases on which they can be applied and any shape, size and colour.
Show your design in a large format and stand out among others. Posters give unlimited transfer of information. Our unique offer includes posters in rare formats that you can specify on your own.
OWV foil
Foil with mesh structure allows the flow of daylight, is a great medium for advertising – for both long exposure and short marketing campaigns.
Magnetic foil
Magnetic foils represent a special form of self-adhesive foils. While adhesive foils are coated with glue on the back, magnetic signs adhere to all metallic surfaces.The magnetic foil is a graceful medium for advertising because it does not leave any marks on the surfaces used. It is used on any metal surface, on vehicles and refrigerators. It can be a nice gadget to the office, school or home.
Reflective tape
This is foil which has highly reflective microprisms in its structure. It is used as a material for the production of directional and informational signs.
Wallpapers are an incredibly popular design choice nowadays. With the resurgence of this incredibly versatile, expressive wall covering option, comes many new developments in wallpaper material. You can choose the best design and material for the room you’re outfitting, and the one that is most compatible with your own design tastes.
Car stickers
In times of high market competition you should opt for car graphic sticker. The main advantage of this form of advertising is its mobility, the impact on the broad masses of customers and above all being free of charge!!!
PVC Boards
Boards are advertising carriers used outdoors and are resistant to weather conditions. We have boards of various weights, lined with monomeric foil or we print directly on it (UV printing), and for longer exposure we additionally laminate it.
Plexiglass boards
Translucent self-adhesive foil is applied on the boards whose basis is plexiglass. The foil may also be used in backlit graphics and other transparent underlay e.g. glass. The combination of plexiglass and foil works on bulletin boards, spatial forms and letters.
Due to their original form advertising flags are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to install, which causes that they are widely used, in the urban areas as well as wider open spaces.
An important advertising tool is also a free-standing advertising board, particularly useful as a medium for information and advertising locally, exposed in front of a store or company.
Blueback paper with blue insulation from the base, is designed primarily for covering billboards or as a material for large format posters. It is relatively inexpensive paper and used mainly for short advertising and promotional activities. We also provide all our customers with installation at convenient times and cost.
Canvas is a kind of fabric on which you can print perfect photos in full colour, sepia and grayscale. Canvas prints are a great form of presentation of photos e.g. on different occasions like weddings, family meetings and presenting various graphics. We offer our clients a complete service from design to stretching on wooden looms.

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