CAD Conversion

cadconversionOur AutoCAD conversion service is a quick, low cost and efficient way of converting paper drawings and plans into CAD editable formats. We offer an expert CAD Conversion service (auto conversion and manual drafting) with fixed pricing per drawing or plan. Our fixed pricing allows our clients to budget their conversion project accurately.

Glorious specialized in all types of document conversions including various maps, architectural, mechanical and engineering drawings and plans. We can produce files in any CAD required format including AutoCAD (DWG, DXF, Micro Station (DGN) and many others.

Preliminary Approval

Our preliminary auto CAD conversion service enables our clients to sample the quality of our conversion work before completing the entire project.

Drawings Returned
Most of the paper drawing conversion to AutoCAD formats involve scanning the paper drawings or plans. We will return your original drawings or plans soon after the scanning process is complete. The completed digital CAD converted or drafted files will then be delivered either on CD or via e-mail. For further information on Glorious CAD conversion services including details on our extremely attractive prices, please contact us today: