departmentThe departmental document management system is the best mid-range software system for any company serious about implementing a paperless office. This document management system comes with everything you need straight out of the box and also includes full training and installation to get your office started right away

Once all of your documents are scanned and archived it is not always easy to find a quick retrieval solution that is best for you and your staff which can help the department easily locate, authorise, dispatch, distribute and search through all electronic documents. Our electronic document management system includes all of these features plus many more. There is no need to spend unnecessary costs on printing, posting, faxing and copying annually when a document management system can take care of all of these duties for you electronically and therefore save costs in all of these areas.

What are the Advantages of Departmental Document Management?

Even when using the most organised office paper filing system your staff will probably waste a lot of time often searching, copying, printing and filing documents not to mention the costs spent during these processes. Our paperless office solution works by installing a new way of working and offering more streamlined office processes that totally revolutionises how your business handles its documents. The document management system is already seen by many businesses as a guaranteed return on investment.

With a document management system the bottom line is you will save on the time and costs of staff retrieving filed documents, the costs of your paper flow, (posting and copying and printing) you will become more environmentally friendly, reduce your offices carbon footprint while also offering access to documents with greater ease while you are either in, or away from your office!

As well as providing shared access to all your scanned files our tailored document management system allows your staff to carry out detailed text searches on your computerised documents therefore retrieving invoices, client records and correspondence documents quickly and easily along with the ability to distribute them electronically easily through the document management system again.

Paper documents are susceptible to all kinds of human mistakes and natural disasters however a computerised file. These can be TIFF or JPEG which are a kind of computer file used to keep pictures. We also use PDF (Portable Document Format) Files which are designed to be easily printed and shared. lasts forever and can be backed up multiple times very quickly. The departmental document management system also comes with built in file backup

The action of copying important data and storing it somewhere in case the original becomes lost, damaged or stolen. procedures that give you peace of mind so that no matter what happens, your valuable business data is always protected.

How Does the Document Management System Work?


Office Documents are scanned.The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer using an automatic high speed scanner, the digitised images are stored on your computer or an office network where they can be electronically shared among many users.


Indexing is the process of giving a reference detail to a document that will identify this when somebody wants to search for it again later. For example if you had just scanned a pile of invoices you would index each one by the invoice number. The invoice number and the location of the image are stored in a central database An organised collection of information stored in a structured way. Once in a database information can be searched or statistical analysis performed very quickly. This database links together with our document management software to allow you to perform powerful searches on every document in your system.


Searching is as simple as entering one of the search terms you indexed The process of converting a collection of data into a database suitable for easy search and retrieval. your files with. If you're not sure what you're looking for you can include a partial search term to list any results that are similar. With these powerful search tools your requested documents can be found in seconds.

The departmental document management system comes with search integration that allows you to embed the powerful search functionality of our software into another application. For example, you could provide access to all your scanned and indexed invoices for your accounts staff by integrating this compatible search functionality into the department's accounts package. It is very user friendly and most people are able to use this system quickly.

How much does Document Management Software cost?

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