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We are Glorious Color Images Pvt.Ltd. an energetic collective of individuals passionate about providing effective document management solutions to businesses.

Our mission is to provide solutions that work hard for our clients with real measurable benefits. We endeavour to develop lasting partnerships with our clients, providing solutions that grow as they grow that are flexible enough to change with them. Our many clients range from large multinational companies, government organisations to small local companies, no job is too large or small.

Our team of software designers, internet specialists and scanning technicians have over 30 years experience in providing document solutions that produce real tangible savings to our clients.

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Document Scanning

Our Document Scanning bureau specialises in all types and sizes of paper scaning. Whether you have accounts, legal documents, reports, manuals or newspapers, we can offer the most cost effetive solution for your scanning needs.

Form Scanning

Our Forms Scanning and Processing service can help you to scan and convert your forms to an organised database format. We use automated data capture, by using OCR, ICR, OMR and manual data entry where required.

Drawing Scanning

Our Drawing and Plan Scanning service can help you to convert your valuable drawings into computer files and provide easy to access, view and print solution.

Microfilm Scanning

Our Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning and Conversion service will help you to save time and cost by converting them into computer files TIFF or PDF, so you can view, print and share them easily.

Microfiche Scanning

The demand for microfiche scanning has become increasingly popular over the years, as more and more organisations feel the need to speed up their operations in order to concentrate on the more important tasks.

Aperture Card Scanning

Our Aperture Cards Scanning and Conversion service can help you to convert your cards into computer files TIFF, PDF, so they can be easily stored on CD and access, view and print from a computer.

Slides & Photograph Scanning

We can scan your slides, negatives, photos to high quality JPG or PDF files, so you can easily store, access, view and share nthem from your computer.

Book Scanning

Our Book Scanning service can convert your valuable, aged and rare books and documents to computer format as PDF files, so they can preserved in a secure format as well as access, view and share easily.

Magazine Scanning

We can convert any magazine or publication small or large into a managable electroni archive set with viewable pages and text searchable capabilities throughout.

Document Scanning Services

GCIPL is one of the leading document scanning services company in the UK, our scanning services bureau has the facilities of scanning 3 million plus documents per month.


Adobe PDF Conversion

Our PDF Scanning and Conversion service can help you to convert your paper documents to standard PDF files, PDF files with full text searchable facility, Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, PDF files ready for Web. Our solutions are user friendly and cost effective.

OCR Conversion

Our specialised and cost effective OCR Scanning and Conversion Services can help you to convert your hardcopy document to editable format such as Word, Excel, PDF Searchable, XML, etc.

Document OCR and conversion to Ms. Word, Excel, CSV Formats

Document scanning and OCR conversion is the process of scanning hardcopy paper documents or an image file such as TIFF, PDF and converting the files into an fully editable text files.

Document conversion to Word Formats

Our OCR conversion scanning bureau has completed a wide range of OCR scanning and conversion projects, ranging from just one single document to managing thousands.

Document conversion to Excel Spreadsheet Formats

GCIPL's document scanning and OCR conversion to Ms. Excel bureau has extensive knowledge and experience of working with structured and unstructured tabulated documents. In addition to our standard OCR scanning and conversion to excel and CSV formats, we have also developed our in-house intelligent OCR applications to fine tune and further manipulate the OCR data to bespoke formats.

Microfilm Conversion

GCIPL's microfilm scanning and conversion bureau can scan your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards and out-put to the media of your choice, in the format and file structure you are required. We can deliver the output data via CD, DVD, and FTP. We can scan and convert your microfilms to any required formats including: TIFF, PDF, Text Searchable PDF, JPEG, HTML, XML, CSV, Ms. Word, and Ms. Excel etc.

Microfiche Conversion

Our microfiche conversion bureau has been awarded with many large conversion projects from various government departments and large blue chip companies, to medium sized enterprises and private individuals.

CAD Conversion

Our CAD Drafting and Conversion services can help you to convert your paper drawings to CAD format. We can provide your CAD files in Auto CAD, DWG, DXF or any format which is suitable for you. We provide fast, professional and cost effective CAD Services.

Document OCR and conversion to Ms. Word, Excel, CSV Formats

Document scanning and OCR conversion is the process of scanning hardcopy paper documents or an image file such as TIFF, PDF and converting the files into an fully editable text files.

Document OCR and conversion to Ms. Word, Excel, CSV Formats

Document scanning and OCR conversion is the process of scanning hardcopy paper documents or an image file such as TIFF, PDF and converting the files into an fully editable text files.

Data Capture

Data Capture Services

We use state of the art data capture technology, high resolution automated scanners to scan the forms and documents, image processing to optimize the forms data for auto data capture using our sophisticated multiple automatic and advanced OCR/ICR/OMR engines to ensure the highest level of accuracy, setting automated accuracy bench mark up-to 99.99%.

Forms Data Capture

GCIPL specialises in the scanning, image optimisation, data capture and data processing services with accuracy up-to 99.99%. We can scan forms / surveys of all types and sizes, survey forms as simple as few questions on an A4 page or a more complex survey based on tens of questions and one multiple pages containing mixed data types.


If you need to store documents onto Microfilm or CD, GCIPL can help and advise you on the best possible solution to meet your requirements.

Document Management

Document Management Software G-SIS

Our small office document management system offer user friendly document scanning and archiving solution for any type of business. It is specially designed for companies who do not have mass paper to scan and archive on daily bases. All our document management software and systems are cost effective and e-spoke

Comparison of GCIPL's document management solutions from small office to enterprise.

Industry Solutions

Data Capture for Forms

Data capture is a process many organisations are now using to extract the data from forms straight into electronic format without having to manually input the data. To have this data readily available once fed into the system saves hours on manual typing and reduces costs substantially.

Project Files/Folder Scanning

Scanning and digitising project files is a step most companies are taking to save thousands of pounds in office by potentially eliminating hours of time wasted on file searching, file organising, posting, faxing and storage units.

Electronic Purchase Invoices

Purchase invoices are one of the most posted document types around today and how a company manage their invoices has a big impact on day to day operations. It is important to have instant, shared and secure access to files without spending unnecessary time searching, filing and copying documents.

Legal e-Bible for Solicitors

The e-Bible has been specifically created for Solicitors who are involved in the commercial and criminal law sector. The GCIPL Scan e-Bible has been designed to keep all of your related documents structured and indexed together using customisable and easy to follow titles and descriptions so you can locate any document within seconds!

Council Scanning and Archiving

Electronic scanning and archiving is a service which we have recently provided to local councils and Universities to help them manage their files in a much safer, easier and more efficient manner. By having your documents scanned in you can store them safely on CD's or on a local network with security levels.

Proof of delivery note scanning

Proof of delivery notes (POD's) Will often gather up in the office especially if a company makes and takes a lot of deliveries, this solution is designed to have all POD's in electronic format so they can be easily searched by reference number and are all safely backed up.

Other Services

Collection & Delivery

Free collection and delivery service in city centre with very fast turn around time.

Support & Guidance

Our Document Scanning and Management specialists can help and advise you for your document scanning and management requirements.