Data Capture Services

Our State of the art data capture services are used through a range of industries to speed up the manual processing of forms. By scanning, capturing and converting the data straight from the forms it eliminates the requirement for any manual data entry and time consuming data processing tasks. Many organisations are using data capture services to convert hard copy information into electronic format. Here are examples of some forms which often require manual data entry processing.

Advanced and Automatic Forms Data Capture Services

Registrations Forms Scanning

Our advanced and automatic forms data capture services offer simple yet sophisticated accurate Data Scanning The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer, capturing and processing solution. Our professional advanced forms data scanning and automatic data capture bureau can scan low to high volume and simple to complex forms and turn your data around quickly, efficiently and more importantly as accurate as possible.

Advanced and Automatic Forms Data Capture Technology

We use state of the art technology, high resolution automated scanners to scan the forms and documents, image processing to optimize the forms data for automatic data capture using our sophisticated multiple automatic and advanced OCR/ICR/OMR engines to ensure the highest level of accuracy, setting automated accuracy bench mark up-to 99.99%.

Manage the Entire Response Handling

Our advanced data capture services is one stop solution for all your forms, we can manage the entire or part of the whole project to integrate our services to achieve your business objectives.

Our advanced data capture services also offers direct response handling of our clients surveys, questioners, store card applications forms and product promotional registration forms. We can setup a virtual office or a P.O Box to receive response directly to reduce cost and time. We can then feed the forms into our bureau as they come in, scan, data capture and process forms the same day and send the live output data to our clients which then can be used for statistical analysis.

High and Low volume Advanced Data Capture

Our data capture and scanning bureau scans and auto data captures captures millions of documents and forms of various sizes, data types, simple and complex forms. We have built our reputation in the industry based on our excellent service, high quality and standard.

We are constantly developing our automatic data capture technologies to further advanced and automate the possible reorganization processes in order to reduce the cost, increase productive, offer faster turn around time and add value to our clients business.

Simple or Detailed Report Writing

Our advanced data capture services also offer creating a report which is based on the survey or questionnaire. Reports can be as simple as showing graphical pie charts and the results of the survey and percentage etc or it can be further detailed to include summarized results data and intricate statistical analysis and if required, we can produce a full report with all the details listed in simple form for you to understand.

Quality, Service and Standards

The key to our advanced and automatic forms scanning, data capturing and processing is that we are a professional, experienced, ISO Quality accredited organization and are committed to provide high quality, accurate and cost effective scanning and data capture solutions.