OCR Scanning

ocrscanning OCR scanning (Optical Character Recognition) is the process of converting computer printed text documents into an editable format such as Ms. Word files, Ms. Excel files (for text documents which are printed in tabular format), Ms. Access, CSV, XML, HTML, etc format.


Our OCR This involves the use of computer software to translate images of type written text into machine-editable text scanning and conversion bureau specialises in converting hardcopy documents or image files such as TIFF A type of computer file used for storing pictures, these can be full color, grayscale or black and white. A multipage TIFF file can contain many pages in a single file or PDF Searchable PDF Searchable is a type of PDF that has been processed using OCR scanning so that its content can be searched. to fully editable text documents. Over the years, our continuing expertise in this field has enabled us to develop our own OCR application engines which allow us to OCR even the most difficult and unstructured files into highly organised and fully formatted OCR scanned documents.


Prior to starting an OCR scanning and conversion process, it is important to understand the document types, document structure, document formatting, data type, e.g. whether the document contains plain text, tables, pictures, flow charts, diagrams, mathematical equations, chemical formulas, unique fonts and language. As well as English, the OCR process can also be carried out for all major European and worldwide languages. Once the document, data assessment and the output format are analysed, the OCR scanning process begins.

Prior to embarking on the OCR scanning process, our OCR scanning and conversion bureau prepares sample's of OCR scanned and converted documents which are provided to our client so they can be reviewed beforehand. This is a valuable exercise which allows for any amendments to be made and enables fine tuning of the end product. Only when the client is satisfied, the OCR scanning process begins. During the project, our client is regularly updated with sample documents which are reviewed and verified to ensure the highest level of quality OCR scanning and conversion is produced by our team.


Our OCR Scanning The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer. and conversion bureau scans and OCR on average 1 million documents per month to various different formats such as fully text searchable PDF Searchable PDF Searchable is a type of PDF that has been processed using OCR so that its content can be searched. files, Word, Excel, CSV etc. Our OCR scanning, conversion and processing operators have extensive knowledge and experience of OC Ring and converting various types of documents.

Below are the type of documents which are typically OCR by our bureau on a regular basis:


OCR scanning offers a number of tangible benefits, as opposed to manually typing or inputting data. OCR technology has significantly grown and improved for the past few years and now offers fast and accurate OCR converted files. Depending on the document quality and data types, after the configuration process and the setting up of OCR data type parameters, 99% of the OCR scanning is an automated process. The main advantage of OCR is that it eliminates data entry errors and mishaps which are more likely when data is typed manually. With proven evidence that OCR scanning is 99.99% accurate, the demand for this type of conversion is steadily increasing.


Our OCR scanning, conversion and processing bureau utilises our in-house developed OCR software engines which can OCR 50,000 pages per day. This enables us to complete large projects with quick turn around times and high levels of accuracy. Our OCR Scanning services are accredited and certified by our ISO 9001:2000 procedures. We ensure all our OCR scanning is of the highest quality and are subject to rigorous quality control procedures.


Depending on the document and data types, we can OCR, scan and convert approximately 50,000 pages per day. For smaller projects, the turn around time is usually 24 hours.


Our OCR scanning and conversion advisors have excellent knowledge and expertise in developing and supporting OCR scanning and data capture services, software, engines and OCR to OCR projects and can help, advise and support you throughout the whole OCR scanning process.