The Legal e-Bible

solicitorsebibleThe e-Bible has been specifically created for Solicitors who are involved in the commercial and criminal law sector. Paralegal's and Legal assistants often spend a large part of their time searching, printing, collaborating and faxing for numerous documents related to a case.

These are often required by other associates, clients and partners which can prove costly in terms of faxing and postage.

Solicitors and their cases are very time driven and these tasks often consume a large chunk of this time.

Electronic Document Management

The GCIPL e-Bible has been designed to eliminate these issues while offering an easy to manage electronic document system. This will keep all of your related documents structured and indexed together using customisable and easy to follow titles and descriptions so you can locate any document within seconds!

We scan all of your case related documents using the latest edition scanning software and convert them into electronic format for ease of use.

Fully Searchable

The documents are fully text searchable for instant access of information and can be even stored on to a single disk with multiple copies available upon request.

E-bibles are also customised for each client in accordance with their corporate colours, logos and branding while providing web and e-mail access for key contacts, this in return offers a more professional approach to the clients.

E-Bible Additional features:

All of your documents at your fingertips:

Advantages and benefits of the e-bible:

Instant access - documents can be accessed easily through an easy to use menu or by using a keyword search Powerful search capabilities - using fully text searchable documents offers quick access and is useful for document cross referencing

Increased production - reduced research time and compilation of documents

Reduced storage space - documents are only printed when required

Shared access - e-bible can be shared between partners and associates saving on time and communication

Environmentally friendly - Save on unnecessary printing, postage and delivery of paper documents

Remote access - From a laptop or PC while in, or away from the office.

E-bible improves the day to day running of the office and handles your document management much more efficiently while also strengthening the opportunity for firms to market their corporate identity and increase client portfolio.

To find out more about our e-Bible for Commercial and Criminal law solicitors call GCIPL on +91-9212382203/04 or Contact Us Secure Shredding