The Advantages of Slide and Photograph Scanning

Many old slide and photograph transparencies become damaged by mould, so it is worth preserving them before they become unusable.
We will safeguard your priceless 35 mm and different sized slides and photo slides by scanning and transferring them on to a CD or DVD as a series of JPGJPEG
A type of computer file used for storing pictures, these can be full color, grayscale or black and white. A multipage TIFF file can contain many pages in a single file. or PDF
PDF is a very popular multi page file format that is used by many companies because it can be opened by almost anybody using free software most people have already on their computers.

Photographs and slides are fragile

Our aperture card scanning bureau are able to scan engineering and technical drawings which are maintained on aperture cards at a high resolution creating a quality image and capturing the intricate detail from the drawing. After the initial raw scanning process, all aperture card scanned images are put through our image processing which enhances the image quality for poor and aged drawings and cards, as well optimise for the file size for shared access.

Photograph and Slide Scanning - how does it work?

Our photo, film and slide scanning

The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer service offers comprehensive 35mm slides and photograpgh scanning services. Forward us your slides, films or prints and we will return them to you along with a CD or DVD containing high resolution.

Resolution describes the level of detail an image holds, the higher the resolution the more detail an image has. Image resolution is measured in DPI (Dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch) scans of your slides and photos.

Photograph and Slide Scanning - how does it work?

At GCIPL we pride ourselves in the presentation of our finished projects, which is why we would like to return your old photographs and slides as an optional DVD movie as well as the original scanned images. The movie would contain as many slides and photographs as you require and would slowly display these pictures using full transition effects as a rolling movie whereby you can put the DVD in any DVD player and watch the film. An additional 'nostalgic' soundtrack of your choice could also be added to this movie if you prefer.

Photograph and Slide Scanning - How much does it cost?

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