Document Scanning

Glorious Scan provide a wide range of document scanning and imaging services of all types, sizes and volumes of document scanning and document conversion services according to our customer's requirements. Common document scanning tasks include: scanning to TIFF or PDF, Searchable PDF, or document scanning and conversion to editable format using OCR to Microsoft Word.
We have years of expercience working with all types of businesses, from central and local government, public sector to private organisations. Handling these different types of documents has enabled us to understand each customers requirements and what would be the most suitable and cost effective solution to meet their needs. Our advisors can help you with all your document scanning and electronic archiving needs.
Glorious specialises in providing complete document scanning, imaging services and document management software and systems.

Whether your scanning requirement is to scan:

  • Client/Project Files
  • Forms
  • Newspapers/Journals
  • Invoices
  • Pods (Proof of Delivery)
  • Medical Records
  • Training Manuals/Reports
  • PDF Scanning
  • Matter Files/Client Files
  • OCR Scanning
  • Legal Documents (E-Bible)
  • Microfiche Scanning

Glorious document scanning bureau can provide the best way to scan your documents to a high quality and at a low cost!

The Document Scanning Process

Prior to any document scanning process, documents need to be prepared. Where necessary, this includes de-stapling, un-binding, removing creases/folds etc. We use a range of high-speed, state-of-the-art technology scanners to ensure the image and quality of the scanned documents are of the highest possible standard. Our document scanning service also includes image processing, in which image cropping, de-skewing and filtering can be applied to any poor quality or ageing documents to enhance the image quality.

Output Scan Formats

Documents can be scanned in various formats, depending on your requirements, we can advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs. The industry standard formats include:

  • TIFF Format (widely used for electronic archiving, compatible and supported by Ms Windows)
  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat) (suitable for sharing/distribution/security/online access and electronic archiving)
  • PDF Searchable (recomended for quick search by the document contents)
  • Jpeg (suitable for colour pictures scanning/distribution)
  • OCR (used for document content editing)

Document Indexing

After the initial scanning stage, we then index the scanned files for easy retrieval by various categories such as

  • Reference Number
  • Client Name
  • Company Name
  • Title
  • Date

Indexing of documents helps users to search for files or documents by using any of the different categories listed above. Our latest indexing software can also capture any printed barcode information on documents and index your files by barcode data, so you can even search your documents by a barcode reference number. We can also use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on your documents or full text search format such as searchable PDF; this means you can search your scanned documents by its contents, by a single word or a phrase. This technique is particularly useful for companies who are in the research, legal, pharmaceuticals and editorial fields. Further to our document scanning process, images can also be converted to PDF format or searchable PDF format for keyword searching, content searching etc.

Storage Media

Once the conversion process is completed, the final step is to archive the data onto the most suitable media required. This can be a CD-R, DVD, Hard drive, File servers (central location) or even the Internet.

Document Search Software

We also supply our FREE Document Retrieval Software as part of our scanning bureau services to our clients. This is in a CD format so all you need to access your documents is a PC. Simple!

Document retrieval software helps you search through thousands, even millions of documents quickly and instantly find the required document in just a few seconds. Our software is very user friendly and above all no prior training or any installation is required.

Once the CD is inserted into your PC, a small search window will appear on your screen, all you need to do is simply type in the file name and within moments the file will be displayed on your screen. If you wish, the document can also be printed or even e-mailed as well as just viewed.

Quality Assurance

Quality control is our first priority, all our documents are scanned to our externally audited ISO 9002 Quality Assurance procedures. We also follow the BS DISC PD008 recommendation for the legal admissibility of scanned information.

For further information on Glorious document scanning, document conversion and document management solutions, please contact us: +91 9810437134