The Portable Document Fordmat (PDF)

adobepdfThe PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely used across the world, helping many organisations to archive, search and view their documents on CDs, local networks and the Internet. Glorious Scan Solutions provide a range of PDF scanning services which include scanning paper documents to Adobe Acrobat PDF files, fully searchble PDF files and PDF e-books for online access and distribution.

Whether your PDF scanning requirement is to convert:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Newspaper articles
  • Correspondences
  • Company Reports
  • E-Bible
  • Application / Survey Forms
  • Client Files
  • Magazines, books or other publications

PDF Conversion Service

Glorious can help you to manage your project and provide a cost effective solution. We can convert your documents into editable text and fully searchable PDF files, the perfect format to store, retrieve and share information over or beyond your organisation.

Searchable PDF files are very useful for clients who would like to have their documents in PDF file format as well as have the ability to search their documents by its contents. Searchable PDF files provide a reliable and easy way of searching PDF documents.

Glorious Scan specialises in a range of PDF services to enable fast and accurate creation and conversion of PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat Reader software is free to download!

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