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smallofficesThe small office document management system is our start up solution that's perfect for small businesses. It offers reliable, tried and tested technologies that can totally eliminate the need for complex office paper filing systems. Once the document management software is installed it is simple enough to understand for most compfuter users and will significantly improve the way your office is run.

The Advantages of an Office Document Management Solution

With a document management system like ours you never need to waste your time ever again searching for a document. By digitising your documents and having them referenced electronically you can make them available to everyone in your office that requires them at the click of a mouse.

As well as providing shared electronic access to all your documents our system allows your staff to perform searches on your computerised documents to retrieve invoices, client records and correspondence quickly and easily upon your screen in seconds. Once they are scanned and archived the convenience of retrieval becomes greatly improved.

Paper documents are always susceptible to all kinds of human mistakes and natural disasters however a Computerised File. These can be TIFF or JPEG which are a kind of computer file used to keep pictures. We also use PDF (Portable Document Format) Files which are designed to be easily printed and shared. lasts forever and can be backed up multiple times. The small office document management system also comes with built in Backup The action of copying important data and storing it somewhere in case the original becomes lost, damaged or stolen. procedures that offers peace of mind that no matter what happens, your valuable business data is protected.

Office Document Management Solution - how it works


Documents are Scanned. The process of turning documents into images that can be manipulated on a computer using a high speed automatic Scanner. A device that connects to a computer allowing the user to turn (scan) documents into images they can manipulate on the computer. and stores an electronic version on your computer or a office network from where they can be shared among many users within your bespoke document management solution.


Indexing is the process of giving a reference to a document that will identify it when somebody attempts to search for it later. For example: If you had just scanned a stack of invoices you would index each one with the invoice number. The invoice number and the location of the image are stored in a central Database A Database is an organised collection of information stored in a structured way. Once in a database information can be searched or statistical analysis performed very quickly.. This database links with our document management software to allow you to perform powerful searches on every document in your system.The small office document management system also comes with support for GCIPL Zone, a technology that will automatically read your documents references and index them automatically.


Searching for a document is as simple as entering one of the search terms you index. your files with. If you're not sure what you're looking for you can include a partial search term to list all results that are similar. With these powerful text search tools files can be found in seconds which is one of the main benefits of good document management.

Office Document Management Solution - how much does it cost?

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